Blog Subject Ideas for Income From Blogging

Six Most Popular Blog Subject Categories to Pick from…

Many people are hesitant about the income from blogging idea because they want to be able to see the outcome, but they can’t imagine how in the world they can come up with continuous blog subject ideas on a daily basis. I hear that question all the time, so that’s the purpose of writing this article.

Blog subject ideas with entertainment… (Your Own Problems are Great Blog Subject Ideas!)

Entertainment is always a good blog idea. Although you can choose the easy way out and copy an entertaining video to embed in your blog to grab attention, people love to hear personal stories. If you choose the former way, simply go to ‘’ to find the hottest and most popular video of the day. As long as you link back to source, it’s completely ethical and legal.

But I believe that, in the long run, you want your blog to represent you. If you’re trying to sell from your blog, you know that people (who love to buy and hate to be sold) will often buy from those they know and trust. In the cyberspace world, your blog is the “internet you”. So you can just write about yourself if it’s entertaining enough.

I recommend keeping a journal and writing down key things that spark your interest during the day – you know, stuff that happens to you that messes up your day and makes things difficult for you. People always find it entertaining to hear about the hardships of others!

Be sure to include lots of pictures or videos in your post. It’s also a good idea to embed a video behind a picture, (maybe a link to something you want to sell) because people always tend to click on pictures.

Blog subject ideas with current events…

Current events are good blog ideas if you know what you’re talking about. Also, you’ll want to write about topics you enjoy. After all, anything you do that you don’t get any enjoyment out of, you’re likely to quit. And, that’s the worst thing to do when you’re getting income from blogging. The reason why is because any link you put out there is a golden egg just waiting to be hatched. It’s only a matter of time before you start seeing real income from blogging!

Health and Wellness is always among the most popular blog subject ideas!

A popular blog subject out there is health and wellness. If your blog is for the purpose of promoting health and wellness products, all the better. But the thing you must remember is don’t plaster the name of your product all over your blog. People are very A.D.D. these days, and they’re likely to click away and Google your product name or service, giving some other internet marketer the sale.

But Remember to Use Your Blog Keywords…

Instead, tell a personal story about yourself or someone you know with blog keywords that are likely to be searched for… “How to Get Pregnant” or “how to lose weight by eating”. You can find out how many people are searching for a particular keyword phrase by using the free Google site, “”.

Today’s technology for blog subject ideas…

Another good blog idea is technology if you’re into that type of materi

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